Shipping Preferences

The number of shipments in your order is dependent on the below factors.

*Fulfilled by

Items are sold and fulfilled by Amazon or by a Marketplace seller. All items Fulfilled by Amazon will be grouped together in one shipment. Items sold by a Marketplace seller will be delivered to you in a different shipment.

* Shipping Speed Selected

Eligible items may have different shipping options depending on your delivery location.

* Items requiring special shipping and handling (for example, items that are large and/or heavy)

These items are marked on their product detail pages and will ship separately from other items in your order.

* Multiple addresses selected

You will be able to select multiple shipping addresses at the time you place the order. To do so, select the Ship to multiple addresses link on the Select a shipping address page.

Note: We will not be charge you more for shipping than the amount that was originally quoted to you at the time you place the order. Shippers are selected depending on the weight of the package and the distance it has to travel from our fulfillment center. Requests for specific shippers will not be accommodated.

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